About Us

Inntropy IconThe Background of Inntropy Limited

Inntropy is a company that was set up in 2011 by Nick Gostick. He saw that a building in West Nottingham had the potential to be an incubator for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses specialising in clean technologies. This building was known as The Nottingham CleanTech Centre (NCTC).


Inntropy IconSupport for Innovative Businesses

Inntropy backs these young firms by providing programmes of business support, training and events designed to assist SMEs in the surrounding district.


Inntropy IconEnvironmental Benefits

By these means, Inntropy hopes to stimulate the development of products and services that will contribute to the imporvement of our environmental performance, cut our carbon emissions and reduce our energy requirements.


Inntropy IconBuilding a CleanTech Cluster

Whilst these are massive challenges, they will also create huge opportunities. New industries, new businesses, and new jobs will arise as a result. Nottingham already has many firms engaged in clean technologies. Inntropy wants to be part of the process of increasing the momentum of the City by offering their services.