Support & Finance

Inntropy iconMentoring and Consultancy

It is now widely accepted that SMEs are more likely to survive and prosper if they have access to mentoring support. Inntropy staff and associates are very experienced in providing such support, either at Inntropy’s office or on the client’s own premises.

Mentoring can either be on a one off basis, or via regular periodic meetings. It may  cover a single function such as marketing or accountancy, or provide overall business consultancy ranging up to Non Executive Director level.


Inntropy iconReviewing Company Performance

Many businesses can benefit from external review. This can take the form of a one off exercise or regular, say quarterly, updates. Inntropy has developed a very successful approach for firms in the CleanTech sector, which it calls its KC Programme. Experienced entrepreneurs hear a short presentation from company executives about current plans. They then offer their views and suggestions. Three months later the process is repeated.


Inntropy iconGetting the Finance You Need!

Small firms usually need access to capital in order to grow. Inntropy has many contacts in the financial world, so we can be of assistance! Additionally, the Inntropy team has decades of experience working with venture capitalists and business angels, as well as with bankers. We are also very involved in new financial developments, like the provision of both equity and loan capital via new crowd funding facilities becoming available.

Of course, businesses seeking capital have to understand the requirements of the various funding sources. They may well have to prepare themselves for a period prior to seeking new capital.